Fantastic images populate my imagination with mythological beings half human and half animal. These creatures are less an attempt to explain the human condition than a recognition of the continuity that exists between the animal kingdom and our own.

Combining the human with the animal figure I stretch the boundaries between real and surreal. This hybridization reflects the constant changes and shifts we undergo in the process of becoming and discovering ourselves. Biological, cultural and social transformations determine our identities and the very perception of ourselves and others.

Water is a constant source of inspiration: the ocean represents the unconscious where the archetypes that inspire my sculptures swim. Attention to detail is what gives character to my work, which is the result of a long process of modelling, molding, casting and refining of the final piece.


Rossella Scapini is an Italian sculptor and painter whose artistic experience spans from fine art restoration to monumental sculpture. She studied at Libera Accademia di Belle Arti LABA in Brescia (Italy) followed by a professional career in Spain as a set decorator and prop maker for cinema, advertisement and museums. In 2007 she relocated to the Bay Area and begun working with the internationally renowned Artworks Foundry, using the ancient technique of lost wax to cast her own sculptures in bronze.

In 2021 her first public sculpture “Calimar” founded by Alameda Pubic Art, was installed along the Alameda Point shoreline in Alameda, California.

As a sculptor she works extensively with clay and plaster, bronze, resin, wax and anything than can be modeled. Her painting skills include acrylics, oils, various techniques for faux finishes and mosaics.


Rossella Scapini - Sculptor
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